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HELLO,I'm Zahir.

And I like to say interesting things in interesting ways. That’s pretty much the long and short of it.
And so I drift into unfamiliar areas where you’re more likely to find stuff that’s cool and engaging.

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I love to show up at the table with ideas and stories that move people and which travel quick and fast. As a writer I think strategically, in ways both bold and disruptive. I like innovative execution techniques that cut through the clutter. And take a collaborative approach to work because good heads around the table make better, so much better.

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My work on brands like McDonald’s, Audi, Pepsi, Nestle, Kraft, Whirlpool, Henkel, Emirates, Citibank and Porsche to name a few, have won accolades at the biggest and most competitive Advertising Award Shows: D&AD, One Show, ADC, Andy Awards, Clios, Cannes, LIA, NYF and Effies. Not to mention regional award shows.


Even on my craziest of days, I huff a 10K run, read the good bits of the New York Times, work on my screenplays, curate an Instagram post and make messy attempts at abstract art with my daughter.