Writer & Creative Director, DDB Dubai.

Debunk popular wisdom.

Avoid clichés with a barge pole.

Stay eternally curious and unpredictable.

And keep reinventing yourself.

That, in a nutshell sums up Zahir Mirza.

But who is he anyway? Fair question.

Well he’s a highly awarded writer, storyteller, communicator and big idea developer. He harnesses the reach of social and at times the power of tech, to create work that is engaging and informative in equal measure.

His grasp and command of the written word is evident in his body of work, which has won advertising plaudits at every major International Awards Show. And barring a few exceptions, he is held in high regard by most of his peers.  

But advertising and communication are not the be all and end all of his existence. He loves doing other stuff too, with just as much gusto and moxie . He has been working on a couple of short film screenplays and will hopefully get one off the ground soon. Like everyone else out there, he has a start-up idea or two in his back pocket. He collaborates with installations artists on projects every once in a while. And he’s a serious recreational runner who believes there isn’t a problem out there that a good run can’t soften.