Writer & Group Creative Director, DDB Dubai.


Zahir Mirza is a prolific writer, bold storyteller, big idea developer and stand-out presenter. He harnesses the power and reach of social media to amplify his ideas and stories. 

On a good day he blends all of the above to great effect, creating work that's engaging and thought provoking in equal measure. And on a not so good day? That rarely happens. (Apparently)

His work on some of the biggest global brands have garnered advertising plaudits at every major International Awards Show. And he's held in high regard by his peers, barring a few exceptions. 

When not snowed under by his day job, Zahir spends his time writing short film screenplays, collaborating with installation artists, beta-testing start-up ideas and mulling the moment when he will just walk away from it all. In slow-mo of course, for dramatic effect. But that defining moment is still a while away for now.